The Manchichi Program

For indigenous women and children in Panama, the disparities in health access and health outcomes translate into alarmingly high mortality and injury. In fact, 3 X higher than average for indigenous women in Latin America. The “Ngäbe Buglé, with 156,747 inhabitants (2010 census), are among the most impoverished and least medically served in the country (multidimensional poverty index score of 0.469); highest of all the regions in the country. Lack of access to prenatal care has been identified as a main cause of injury and mortality; >90% preventable. Approximately 40% of pregnant women receive no prenatal care and 60% of births occur at home.

Care is generally provided by traditional midwives (Comadronas); most lacking formal training and diagnostic tools.

The Manchichi program is based on Phalarope’s Ixchel Midwife Program successfully implemented in 8 rural Mayan communities in Guatemala. Attesting to the encouraging results, this Rotary supported project has now expanded to 13 additional communities. The program is unique in that it focuses attention on the traditional midwives in these communities who become equipped and trained in the use of basic diagnostics and care. They learn how to identify signs, symptoms, and underlying causes that put the pregnant women and their babies at risk. These communities then have a corps of highly effective, community-based sentinels in constant vigilance for the health of mothers and infants.

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Mi Connexion

Providing tablets to students who do not have connectivity to WiFe in order to participate in school lessons online due to the pandemic. Our 10″ tablets with SIM cards fills the needs of these students now. We will also promote and teach educators, teachers, school directors as well as parents how to use free online learning to augment student’s curriculum. This will not be implemented until school reopen. At the moment we have purchased 125 tablets to give to students.

Hogar Trisker


Hogar Trisker is one of the institutions in Boquete that Rotario de Boquete has adopted. We provide on-going maintenance service for their water system, leaky roofs, uncovered manholes and even provide tablets for students.




Every year we search for talented students who do not have the ability to pay for university, based on merits. We provide for their tuition and a stipend for transportation. At the moment we have 10 recipients.



Pandemic Project 2020


Rotary in partnership with local community activist raised over $12K to purchase food to be sent out to the Comarcas and to local Boquete people who were quarantined and could not work nor go out to purchase food.



Other Pojects


In 2020, Rotary International concentrated on conservation. Rotario de Boquete, with some grand money from Rotary International built 14 robust metal receptors and gifted them to the mayor of Boquete. He will be stalling Boquete’s first trash separation receptors with them. They will be highly recognizable by the Rotary Wheel painted on each can.

Community Service and Volunteer Opportunities

Health Initiative

Health and wellness of woman and children is a primary focus of our club. We provide wellness clinics and work with MINSA to insure access to health to all.


We are always supportive of students seeking more knowledge. Annually we award scholarships to outstanding students furthering their education.

Supporting Education in Rural Areas

Working with the new Bocas del Toro Rotary chapter, we put the finishing touches on the Quebrada Sal schoolroom we built. Children will no longer have to travel hours to go to school. Another project completed in 2019!

Back Pack and School Supplies Project

In 2019, we provided 600 needy indigenous students with school supplies and backpacks. These children have long walks to school and a backpack is essential.

Water and Sanitation

Many Panamanian indigenous communities do not have bathing facilities or toilets. We built bathrooms including sinks, toilets and showers with clean water and septic systems.

Boquete Parque el Tropezón Soccer Field

We partnered with local leaders to build a safe and rock free soccer field and playground for our children.